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Flat Boots

Flat Racing Boots 

Traditional Style

These are "Pull-On" Boots, the top of which is intended to fit around the calf.  Elastic panels are incorporated, either on the outside of the leg or at the back of the boot, to both assist the jockey in actually getting the boot on to the foot and to ensure a snug fit around the calf.


Flat Racing Boots with Rear Zip

Identical to our traditional Flat Boots with the added rear zip which certainly assists in both putting on and removing the boots.  Particularly popular in France.


Available in four different weights namely Ultralight, Lightweight and Normal Weight made from Synthetic Patent Material plus a heavier Leather version to assist all jockeys to achieve their daily racing weight targets.

Size Range: UK 2 1/2 to 7 1/2

European sizes: 34 to 41

All these boots can be supplied with a choice of synthetic coloured "tops":

Black, Red, Blue, Chocolate or Green

Made In England

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